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poster Méchant Party

76 min
35 mm

Roc Lafortune
David La Haye
Catherine Sénart
Tony Conte
Lise Dion

writer and director
Mario Chabot
executive producers
Andrew Noble
Pierre Latour
Anne-Marie Gélinas
Salvatore V Barrera
associate producer
Sara Morley

Film Tonic


Super Écran
CANAL Indigo

produced with the
participation of

Telefilm Canada

SODEC Société de développement des entreprises culturelles - Québec
Programme d'aide aux jeunes créateurs

Government of Québec - Film and Television Tax Credit

Société Télé-Québec

Government of Canada - Film or Video Production Tax Credit

Super Écran

Tidy, dutiful and somewhat timid, Daniel, a man in his thirties, is the very picture of politeness and courtesy. He lives in the suburbs with his sister Carole and works in a downtown office tower. He has a crush on Diane, who works in an adjoining office, and takes the opportunity of an upcoming Halloween party to invite her out on a date. When she accepts, he's walking on air.

The night of the party, Daniel sets out to pick up Diane, and in a moment of generosity offers a lift to a young man whose car has broken down by the side of the road. Bursting with delight at the prospect of his promising date, Daniel tells Sylvain his plans for the evening, unaware that things are about to take an unexpected turn.

Preoccupied, Sylvain isn't really listening to his good Samaritan's monologue. After a few minutes, he breaks his silence to ask Daniel to take him to do some "errands." Unwilling to be late at Diane's, Daniel says no. But Sylvain, having begged awhile with no success, loses patience and pulls a gun on Daniel. Daniel realizes he must go along with Sylvain or risk getting shot, even killed.